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Client Testimonials

“It is a pleasure to be in a working partnership with your company. We expect you to be a part of our network expansion plans in the coming decade and beyond.” Electronic Data Systems

“We are grateful for your participation in our Argentina banking network project. Your company was a big part of our success. Thank your guys for us for their superb skills, impeccable work ethic and high degree of professionalism.” IBM Corporation

“We could not have implemented our U.S. and South America programs as successfully without your people in their incredible technical support role. We have always enjoyed having them on our team! More power!” Hogan Systems

“DataLogix Texas has consistently provided us with strong, topnotch wireless engineers and we have never been disappointed with their personnel. We look forward to a long and mutually-satisfying relationship.” EXI-Parsons Telecom LLC

Employee Testimonials

"With 12 years in telecom and over 3 years with Datalogix, I say without hesitation that Datalogix is the best company I have worked for. They have offered me numerous challenges and opportunities for career growth and I have been very handsomely rewarded. This company also provides a great working environment. The interaction among us, employees, customers and partners is tremendous. All of us --young and old, techies, geeks, and laymen – enjoy a strong synergy and mutual-respect. We enjoy what we do and do it well, because we want to. In terms of corporate integrity, professionalism, commitment to customer service, and overall product excellence, Datalogix stands tall above others. When you join Datalogix, you know right away that you are working with the best!"

-Ramil Oregas, Sr. Engineer

“I have learned about your company through friends in the industry. I have been very impressed with your Corporate Philosophy of "Paying it forward" and the outstanding reward benefits that one gets from being in your company. Your employees have also told us about the strong family atmosphere that prevails in your organization and how deeply you care for your people, like members of your family. This type of Corporate Philosophy and reward benefits are the opportunities I would be proud to be a part of.”

Marvin Camacho, Applicant