DataLogix Texas is one of the fastest-growing providers of topnotch and high-caliber manpower solutions to the telecommunications industry in the United States andoverseas. We have earned the respect and trust of some of the industry’s largest and most successful companies by offering the services of highly-skilled and “best-in-the-field” engineering professionals.

Datalogix Texas provides cost-effective and comprehensive services to the wireless and broadband/wireline industries in the following areas:


2G and 3G RBS Engineering, Installation, Test & Commissioning

  • Site Survey & Engineering for Green field/Co-Located sites
  • Test & Installation of Antenna Systems
  • Installation of Radio Base Stations (Indoor & Outdoor versions)
  • Test & Commissioning of T1/E1
  • Test & Commissioning of BTS/RBS
  • Integration of BTS/RBS with BSC
  • Site Acceptance & Call Testing

MSC/BSC Installation, Test & Commissioning

  • Site Preparation
  • Installation of Cabinets & Grounding Cabling (Power, BUS, Signal Cables)
  • Wire Wrapping, Connectorization & Labeling Power System
  • Installation & Commissioning IOG & CP
  • Testing Group Switch Sub-System
  • Testing Signaling Network Terminal
  • Testing DIPs/T1/E1 Commissioning &
  • Testing Traffic Data Loading & Testing SS7
  • Data Loading, Routing Case & Testing
  • Announcement Tests Switch
  • Acceptance Tests

RF Design & Optimization

  • Nominal Cell Planning
  • Site Candidate Survey
  • Actual Cell Planning
  • Site Selection, Evaluation and
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Coverage Evaluation
  • Frequency Planning
  • Design Deliverables
  • Cell Design Data
  • Cell Level Testing
  • Cluster Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Acceptance

MPS Survey, Design, Installation & Commissioning

  • LMU Site Survey
  • LMU Engineering & Design
  • Installation, Test & Commissioning


  • Routine Diagnostics Management of MSC, BSC and BTS/RBS systems
  • Routine System Management (system backups & system downloads)
  • Alarm management for the upkeep of the system
  • Trunk / junction management
  • Subscriber Management (HLR & AUC)
  • Traffic Management
  • Password Management
  • Billing Management
  • Spares Management
  • Switch software updates, generic retrofits
  • BTS/RBS software/hardware upgrades
  • Onsite Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Base Stations
  • Maintenance of disk storage system & magnetic tape drive system

Wireline Broadband, WiFi, LTE, Outside plant Engineering Design and Implementation

Mainstream IT Systems Development and Management and Business Process Outsourcing

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